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Y12SR is an ongoing; open, safe, sacred and inclusive
meeting which integrates the cognitive aspect of the 12
steps, along with the somatic approach of yoga and mindful
breathing. The combination of the two adds a greater
dimension which addresses addiction, as the physical ~
mental and spiritual dis-ease that it truly is. Based on the
Ancient principles of the 216th Yoga Sutra; Heyam Dukkha
Managatam; when translated means “future suffering can
be avoided.”
Research has come to find addictive behavior and those
affected by this dis-ease in any way, shape or form have
experienced consciously or unconsciously some sort of
trauma. Y12SR works from the foundation of trauma
healing. Themed by “The issues live in our tissues” These
classes offer you tools to recognize imbalances within
yourself that lead to relapse, BEFORE it happens. Through
group sharing, along with intentionally themed attainable
yoga movements, breath work, reflection, guided deep
relaxation and Meditation; you gradually become open to
the process of releasing whatever you’re holding on to.
Y12SR recognizes that yoga and its practices are only one
part of the Wholistic Recovery Program. Y12SR is in NO
WAY a replacement for any other part of the 12 step
program. But rather it provides an adjunct tool to address
the dis-ease of addiction, and helps creates a platform for
relapse prevention and maintaining SUSTAINABLE
I invite you to wear comfortable clothing for practice, and
not to eat at least one hour before class...If possible Please
arrive at least 15 early to settle in...Thk you :)
Our meetings are self sustaining with a suggested $10 Donation
Although "YOU ARE worth more than your money. :)
Y12SR MEETINGS ARE FOR YOU... "All A's are Welcome"
Y12SR Featured Article
Oprah's O' Magazine.
June, 2018 issue...VIEW
*Y12SR is NOT a replacement for meetings, sponsor, or any other part of the 12-step program.
Y12SR is an adjunct, to ANY and ALL 12 step programs...
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