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.Have you been wanting to make
a change in your life???
A personalized ritual or sacred ceremony can help
transition from where you where you want to be...

"Rituals are like containers, gently holding those profound moments and passages
in life that we hope to honor, savor, or simply let go of.
They mark significant times, ease us through transitions,
Especially in times of rapid change -- bring structure and stability to our lives."
Barbara Bizlou, The Joy of Ritual
Sacred Ceremonies | Customized Rituals
Officiant - Sri Lakshmi Devi

Sacred Unions | Wedding Ceremonies
Speak your vows, exchange your rings, have your hands fasted in the ways of the Ancestors. Sri Lakshmi
Devi, your wedding Officiant, will honor the celebration of your love by co-creating a joyous, conscious and
unique ceremony for you

Cleansing & Protective Blessing
This is an individual ritual includes an intuitive reading and consultation for a customize ritual to fulfill your
needs. Create energetic boundaries if you feel someone is psychically attacking you. If it seems like you are
powerless on the physical plane, this ritual can help you alleviate anxiety and find the true power you can
access on the spiritual realm. Tools for grounding and protecting your energetic field. (Note: This ritual is
designed for personal protection only and is not used to cause harm to anyone  :)

Manifestation Ritual
Whether it’s a new job, new house, abundance, healing, success or other transformation, this is a ritual to
help you energize the dream you’re envisioning. Assists you in releasing blocks and activating the Law of
Attraction to help you turn your dreams into reality. A reading/healing is performed during the consultation to
clear blocks that may have been sabotaging you previously

Home Blessing
Your home is your sacred space and therefore, it is very important to maintain a high level of radiant and
positive energy. Negative energy needs to be routinely cast out of your new space and even in your home of
many years. Negative energy profoundly influences your health, creativity, your relationships and career.  A
ritual that clears your home of psychic disturbances. Cleanse, reclaim and animate your space with healing
Can also be used to clear out negativity and reset the energy after someone has moved out of your home

New Life Ritual | Christening Ceremony
When a child is born, welcome them with open harms, a sacred blessing and initiation. Acknowledge the
journey of their soul taking shape in their new body; grant them the space and support to be who they are
meant to be: loved and loving

The Embrace | Cultivating Love & Relationships
If you are truly ready, this a powerful ritual to activate your vision and open your heart to receive the
relationship you want. You’ll let go of obstacles that may have impaired your receptivity and begin to
powerfully claim your true love with confidence. Includes a healing session within the consultation to remove
energetic blocks and cut cords from past hurts

Letting Go Ritual   |   Divorce Ceremony
For endings that are difficult to navigate, this ritual can provide the closure and perspective that facilitates
renewed hope. While there are customary traditions in our society to mark marriage, birth and death, rarely
do we formerly acknowledge and support the significant transition of divorce.
This ceremony helps you release the past, celebrate your new identity and set powerful intentions for your
future path. This ceremony is also ideal for a name change

Empowerment of Self
A rite  passage ceremony to mark your rebirth into a new life after  a significant life change.
Can be used for relationship breakups, forgiveness of past wounds, releasing anger, anxiety, grief, obsession
or other emotions that may be blocking your life force energy. Take charge of your life with a renewed
enthusiasm and hopeful heart for all the possibilities that lie ahead

Cultivating your Inner Goddess
A group celebration to honor your Inner Goddess through ritual, movement, guided meditation, music and
fun! Can be performed to honor one individual or done as a general group celebration to awaken and
celebrate the goddess within. This is a perfect ceremony to mark a Big Birthday when you want something
more meaningful than a regular party, or to pay tribute to a bride-to-be or bid farewell to a friend who is
(Gift certificate makes it a great birthday or bridal shower gift.)

Wise Woman Ceremony | Croning Ceremony
An initiation for your Wise Woman phase of life that for many women, reaching the age of Cronehood has
become a milestone of honor. Celebrate your own Cronehood with a ceremony, party, or just rejoicing in the
company of friends.
Crossing the threshold into Cronehood can be a major event in a woman's life. It's a celebration of all that
you've learned, and all that you will come to know in the future. For many women, it's a time to make new
commitments and vows. If you've ever had an interest in taking a leadership position in some aspect of your
life, now is a great time to do so. This third cycle of your life is the one in which you become an Elder, and
you've joined a special group. You have a lifetime of achievements behind you, and decades more to look
forward to. The word Crone should now be a word of power for you, so celebrate it. You've earned it

The Passage | Crossing Over
When the human body relinquishes itself and the ultimate exhalation is realized, the passage begins. During
this time of transformation, many emotions and memories can be deeply touched. This rite-of-passage honors
the totality of experiences and celebrates our friend's adventures, as well as ours

Intuitive Readings
An intuitive reading is available before or after the event for all participants at a
50% discount, must be scheduled in Advance of the scheduled event
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Everyone practices some
sort of small,  
personal ritual or
routine as they go about
their everyday comings
and goings.

Rituals have an integral
place in the human
intelligence, they kinda make
sense of who we
Inseparable part of the
human experience.

There are three general
types of sacred rituals:  
life-cycle, life-crisis, and
calendar or seasonal.

Making changes in our lives
is difficult, performing a ritual
for that change gives it a
sense of purpose, an active
role in its manifestation.
Bringing meaning into our
day to day lives and making
them sacred

Through positive intention
and suggestive actions, ritual
can be used to release
difficult emotions of grief,
anger or fear or feelings of

Ritual can also be used to
celebrate in a unique way the
joy of a life changes and set
a positive intention for
moving forward on your
journey through life

These ceremonies and
rituals have been created
with a unique combination of
elements of sacred traditions
from various religions and
cultures united for one

They are all customized to
support your particular
healing needs. In many
cases the dramatic act of
doing a ritual can facilitate a
healing or a manifestation in
a way that prayer alone

(We do not guarantee any specific