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We Thoroughly enjoy doing yoga as a couple and enthusiastically recommend Supatha Yoga.
My Husband and I have been enjoying yoga classes at Supatha yoga for the last 5 months. Having no previous experience with yoga, we started with
private classes and then joined a group class. From the beginning we always felt comfortable and welcomed. The instructor, Sri Lakshmi, has many years
of experience and it shows. She explains the purpose of each pose and what muscles are being used. Her warm personality makes yoga fun! We
thoroughly enjoy doing yoga as a couple and enthusiastically recommend Supatha Yoga.
- Eileen & Frank L -.
Erwinna, PA

Supatha Yoga with Lakshmi has been an enlightening experience!
Her energy and charisma offers a special and unique touch to each yoga session. Her experience as a Yoga Instructor helps me better understand how
each movement impacts my body.
I am now a yoga enthusiast and look forward attending every week!
- Sandy P -.
Holland Twp., NJ

Lakshmi is an inspirational messenger for Yoga.
I've been practicing Yoga with Lakshmi since January 2012.   During that time, she has taught me the meaning of what Yoga is, the integration of the mind,
body and the breath.  Everything comes from within each of us.  Lakshmi is an inspirational messenger for Yoga,  as she lovingly pushes you to progress
in your Yoga practice and discover what each of us can accomplish.  Not to overstate, but what she has taught me is that Yoga is not just a series of poses,
rather a mirror for how we can lead our lives.  If you want to pursue Yoga with a teacher who has advanced knowledge of the physical and mental aspects,
look no further than Lakshmi.  Whether beginner or advanced, Lakshmi has developed a progressive flow of levels of difficulty.  Each level consists of 4
series of vinyasa flows.  As you progress in your Yoga practice,  you go to the next level.  Over time, I came to realize how far I had come in controlling my
mind and body, along with the ever present breath.
-Rich W-
Reddington, NJ

Lakshmi is always reminding all her students to "honor" their bodies while practicing.
I start practicing yoga with Lakshmi almost a year ago.  I had gone through weight loss surgery in March 2011 and needed to start an exercise regime that
was gentle and safe for me to do as I recovered.  I also needed to keep in mind that I have arthritis and any physical activity shouldn't aggrevate that pain.  
Lakshmi is always reminding all students to "honor" their bodies while going through class.  I started going to class once a week and after about 6 months
I decided I felt strong enough to add another class.  I now attend 3 classes a week and I'm feeling strong enough that I attend a Zumba class.  Without the
patience and practice of yoga I would not be feeling as strong as I do and I don't think I would have level of energy I now have.  I am also trying to do more
meditation and some of the poses at home when I start feeling stressed.  I thank Lakshmi for all she has given me through her classes.  I would
recommend yoga to anyone and everyone who ask me what I'm doing to look so good and healthy.  I have encouraged my daughters to join me in class
and hopefully they will when they have time in their schedules.  I make sure I get to class every week because when I don't get to class I don't feel as good
as I could.  Thank you Lakshmi.
- Rose B -.
BridgeWater, NJ

Doing Private Yoga with Lakshmi, our Bodies and mind set have changed so much.
My husband and,I have been doing private yoga lessons with Lakshmi for a couple of years , our bodies and mind set have change so much,she is a god
sent, this is the second 1/2 of our life, we now have the energy and desire to enjoy everyday. Lakshmi is a very special person .. not sure were we would be
today without her. ( on the couch). I thank her every day .. Namaste.
- Rae J -.
Holland, Twp., NJ

Yoga study with Lakshmi Devi is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself.
Her knowledge of body mechanics, healing, visualization, physical therapy, yoga and Pilates are remarkable.
As a mother in my 40's with back issues most of my adult life
I've done my share of physical therapy, yoga, pilates, acupuncture, chiropractic and surgery.
Within the last six years I've had  two microdiscectomy surgeries, the second of which was supposed to repair foot drop...
It didn't. Slews of tests,  MRI's,  nerve studies and a good deal of physical therapy have left me with
more questions than answers and sometimes the resigned acceptance to make due with my foot as is.
I knew the instant that I met Lakshmi at one of her yoga classes years ago that I should work with her.
I wasn't ready. So now years after that first 'knowing,' I've cared for myself by attending private yoga sessions with her.
Within my very first moments working with her the foot that had Dr.'s 'puzzled' moved more than it had in years.
Lakshmi was as excited for me as if I was a cherished friend.  What I find so uniquely  exceptional in her approach is her
personal and professional intelligence, positive energy and the feeling you get from
working with someone who truly wants you to work hard, learn, grow, heal.
Her time and enthusiasm with which she explains the synergy of the mind,
our intention and the physical mechanics of how the body works and
the work that  I can do to achieve my best possible state of being have far reaching effects.
As professional and brilliant as her knowledge base and instruction are, when combined with the
breath of care and intuitive guidance that she shares, the result is exceptional.
Her eagerness to get you the proper pillow for support, to smile and give heartfelt praise and laughter
and to take sheer joy in her students progress is inspiring.
Her gifts of teaching and kindness create a safe, challenging, healing space that anyone would want to and could benefit from.
All I can say is that her life is truly a gift to those she touches and I'm grateful for the chance to work hard and to do it with Lakshmi.
- Bonnie  O-
Flemington NJ

We met Lakshmi and right away My Wife and I felt Comfortable.
For the last ten years my wife and I have gained weight, not exercised and basically fell into poor health.
Along with being seriously overweight we both suffer from other debilitating issues.
My wife has Osteoporosis and a very bad back.  I have Diabetes and many joint ailments.
We both started losing mobility which resulted in us getting more and more lethargic.
We knew we had to do something fast.  My wife suggested Yoga.  I'm usually not the kind of guy who buys into things like Yoga but I said I would try it.
We met Lakshmi and right away we felt Comfortable just by looking at us and asking a few questions she knew exactly what we needed.
We were amazed at her ability to asses our capabilities and tell us in plain language what we had to do to get better.
Lakshmi's tailor made plan/routine is great. It is low impact but really works all areas of our body.  After the first couple of classes we started feeling much
better and mobility started to return.  I would suggest Lakshmi  for anyone, whether you are in shape or extremely out of shape -she can address it all.  
It is a testament to Lakshmi's skills and abilities that  my wife and I are participating in her Personalized Yoga Program
and come for private classes every week for 18 months now! .
So glad that we found her!  
- Jon -
Hamilton NJ

I have been working with Lakshmi for 2 years
Initially I had come to her for her Therapeutic Yoga Program seeking relief from a Herniated Disc and Spinal Stenosis.
I obtained so much more.  
Her unique style of yoga and pilates coupled with her compassionate wisdom
has helped me heal and continues to be one of the most valuable practices in my life.
I have gained a better understanding of self.  Due to the debilitating pain from my injury, I had taken some time away from riding.
Since practicing with Lakshmi I began riding again.  My trainers see a significant increase in my strength and balance.   In riding this is of the utmost
importance. A partnership exists with you and your horse. Imbalances can translate as mixed signals and cause confusion. Lakshmi's Equestrian Yoga
Program has help me develop a keen awareness of  maintaining proper alignment and mindfulness while riding.
I'm experiencing better communication with my horse, which has improved my riding skills tremendously.
The Supatha Yoga Method has definitely helped me attain my goals...
Thank you Lakshmi
-Dr. D. Alferi -
Ringoes NJ

I have been practicing Supatha Yoga  with Lakshmi since the beginning of 2012, enrolled in her Personalized Yoga Program.
In that relatively short period of time, I have developed a different outlook on life.
Devotion to the integration of body and mind, which Yoga teaches, can truly be life changing.
Lakshmi's inherent understanding and her ability to convey the true meaning of Yoga  has been inspiring to me.
She truly is a Master.
Physically, I have increased strength and gained flexibility (no small achievement).  Mentally I have become much more focused, although she does gently
harass me at times.  I must say it is all with love and caring; in that it pushing me to achieve inner balance...
I had practiced Yoga in the past, or so I thought?
If you want to attain a truly meaningful Yoga Practice,  there is no better guide on that journey than Lakshmi.  
-Richard W-
Fork and River, NJ

Supatha Yoga ...THANK YOU!  From Me and My Horse Billy!
Two months ago I decided to get back into riding after taking the better part of the last 12 months off , recovering from a severe shoulder injury.
My beautiful TB gelding, Billy, an advanced show hunter sadly retired last summer after sustaining a serious tendon injury as well.  
I thought Pilates and Yoga might strengthen me enough to help me keep my butt in the saddle when cantering, and get it out when jumping. I began
Lakshmi's personalized Equestrian Yoga program a few weeks ago, and  I have since stared riding Billy again..!
Nice easy walks,  I figured if I started now.  I might see some improvement by the summer.
So I was amazed this past week when I started with a new trainer and
cantered in the first lesson, jumped the second and got changes immediately..
I hit my diagonals by feel, not sight.
My core is so much stronger already and I know I’m not gripping with my knees anymore because my inner thighs burn
the next day without knee strain at all.
Studying with Lakshmi makes me feel comfortable, she understands what is needed to obtain proper alignment  and strength while riding.
I am also developing a more mindful and relaxed seat allowing for a deeper connection with Billy.
Lakshmi has a 6th sense when it comes to working you, what  we work on in each session seems to show up during  the next time I ride and is exactly
whats needed for me to move forward. I am gaining a higher sense of awareness while in the saddle and communicating with Billy on a higher level.
I can’t say enough good things about Lakshmi's teachings and what she’s done for my mind, my body and my riding.
Who knows?  You may see us at the horse park this summer!
- Joanne -
Pippersville, PA

Lakshmi came into my life during a complex transition and greatly helped me as her approach supports the body, mind and spirit.  That Lakshmi has had
multiple years of experience in multiple disciplines soon becomes obvious.
I am extremely grateful and appreciative to be able to work with such an amazing woman and healer.
She has truly paid attention and is more than willing to share with those who have the good fortune to work with her.
- Richard N -
Milford, NJ

Dear Lakshmi
I hope you know that you make an amazing difference in my life.  Your classes have brought lessoning of back pain and confidence  to challenge myself.  
I've been rewarded with inner peace and a stronger, more supple body.  Plus you make me smile.
God bless you.
- Marianne C -
Upper Black Eddy, PA.

I practice yoga with the Magnificent Lakshmi at Chelsea Piers in NYC..I have no actual words to express my feelings, so I'll just state the cold facts.  She is
a skilled master of her art. She watched me like a hawk (no fun) and gently and clearly made corrections.  Her manner is open and caring and
encouraging. This was the best Private session I have ever had and have practiced for many years. Lakshmi taught me how to balance using my whole
foot.  The four (4) balancing points on each foot.  This is huge for me because I have Flat Feet. This has affected how I walk & stand. I am standing taller
and with much better balance. Also , my lower back feels much less stressed.
I cannot say enough about Lakshmi.
- Ira H-
"Law and Order"

After suffering severe paralysis due to a brain aneurysm I underwent many forms of therapy.  Yoga with Lakshmi was the most well rounded full body
experience.  At first I was nervous, being newly handicapped, but Lakshmi makes me feel very comfortable and she is very knowledge about my injuries.  
I have gained much more movement in my paralyzed arm and leg.
Classes with Lakshmi give me more confidences in myself and in my recovery.
- Mike -
Milford NJ

Lakshmi says that yoga is "life changing" and I agree.  Since I started practicing yoga with Lakshmi several months ago I feel like a different person.  My
body is stronger and more flexible and I am literally "standing tall" and feel more confident that I can face any challenge that Life gives me.  Seeing how
Lakshmi has overcome her physical challenges in her own life through yoga is such an inspiration.  She is a fantastic teacher who has years of
experience and expertise.  She gives me individualized instruction that focuses on my own unique abilities physical challenges.  She has a wonderful
sense of humor and always makes me life.  Above all, she is a compassionate, caring person.
Her beautiful studio is a serene retreat which I love going
to and often visit in my mind as well.
I count Lakshmi and yoga among the many blessings in my life.
- Susan-
Holland Twp, NJ

If ever you have contemplated whether or not to take a Yoga class, do not hesitate any further to learn under Lakshmi Devi !
I have a mission in life after turning 50 to change to a better all around person.  I chose Yoga to do so.
I suffer from the every day anxiety that many face, and yoga classes with
Lakshmi have changed my entire being.  I am no longer stressed, I talk slower, I move easier and I have noticed my body getting stronger.
She teaches you how to move properly so as not to cause injury.
I highly encourage you to take several classes with her to see which you like the best.  
You will not find a better teacher or a nicer, caring person.
I can guarantee that you will keep coming back once you see the difference in your own self !   
- Debra Lee -
Flemington, NJ

We attend Lakshmi's Back Care yoga classes each week.  Those attending the classes are an
eclectic mix of men and women, young, middle aged, and more mature as are my wife and me.
The program meets all of the specifications mentioned by our doctors as beneficial for back problems.
Not only are the classes medically sound, proximate, and attended by compatible and sociable people but
the teacher is personable, knowledgeable and attentive to all our needs.
Attending the classes is a high point of our week. Something we both look  forward to...
-   Samuel -
Kingwood twp, NJ

"Lakshmi's Healthy Back yoga class... FANTASTIC!
So relaxing, explaining every pose carefully and observing each student for proper alignment, I have
more mobility and less pain, since I've started practicing regularly with Lakshmi.
-   Patty K  -

Lakshmi's Yoga Warrior's kid classes are amazing...
Her engagement with the children is remarkable and her creative, high spirited instruction holds their
attention throughout the class...Its spectacular to observe...Not only teaching them yoga but, also inspiring them to be good people too...
Thank you for guiding my son in such a compassionate and caring way...
You are an incredible teacher Lakshmi
- Decklan's Mom -

Lakshmi's Gentle Yoga class is one of the best classes I have taken... I have been doing yoga for 4 to 5 years... She is very tuned in to the needs of each
individual student in the class, A safe environment for mindful practice.
- Dr.Guralnick, Ph.D. -

"Lakshmi's Yoga for Pregnancy class is excellent!  I am 4 1/2 months pregnant and my lower back has been hurting me
Lakshmi's Therapeutic Flow class did me a lot of good, I gained flexibility and increase my balance during pregnancy, which is difficult.
Lakshmi is very careful with her pregnant students & the poses were gentle & very effective for relief of my back pain. The last 15 minutes were and
especially relaxing & renewing.  Lakshmi sets up blankets in an amazingly restful & comfortable way for us Mommies to be "...
- Ariane -
Tribeca, NY

I have a severe spine injury and I had almost given up hope for some respite from pain and limited mobility.  Since attending Supatha Yoga classes I have
experienced and increase in range of motion and limberness.  This is so very important to me because this enhances my sense of well being which has
been greatly subdued since my injury in 2004.  Lakshmi's explanation of technique and concern for our pain/injury levels are very much appreciated.
- Tom -
Flemington, NJ

I am a practicing Physical Therapist who was in search of a qualified Yoga Instructor with a good working knowledge of Anatomy.  I found more than that in
Lakshmi. Lakshmi opened my eyes to the practice and teachings of Yoga after a personal tragedy had me on a quest to find a release from my grieving.
What I found in Lakshmi was a young woman of compassion, elegance and superb ability to instruct and guide her Yoga students, regardless of their
personal experiences.
-   Sandra  -
Brooklyn, NY

I am a resident of Kingwood township and was pleased to learn of Supatha Yoga giving classes at the Old Municipal Building right down the road.  The
venue feels wonderful, in that the yoga class has allowed me to relax in a country setting, with the absence of a lot of traffic going back and forth.  It is a
peaceful little "retreat" for an hour or so.  Lakshmi Devi has a warm and enthusiastic personality, seems to be sensitive to our individual concerns, and
works with each person throughout the course of the class.  She explains what is going on in each pose with clear instruction.  I also have benefited from
her inspirational words at the close of each class.
-   Nancy.S  -
Kingwood twp, NJ

I am a 75 years young ex-marathon runner, who has had the pleasure of attending Lakshmi's Open Level Hatha yoga class; twice a week for almost two
years now.  Her warmth and desire to share the benefits of yoga with all her students make her classes an important part of the week's activities. Her
technical perfection, kind heart and gentle touch is acknowledged by all the students in her class. Thanks to Lakshmi's patience and ability to modify
postures to suit the individuals capabilities, I'm now more flexibly and mobile then I was 10 years ago.  I'm also grateful the advice she gave me that
enabled me to lessen the severity of my tinnitus along with her suggestions for relief of the arthritis in my knees, I hope to continue studying yoga with
Lakshmi for may years to come...
-   Saul  R  -
Bronx, NY

I have multiple fractures and other disabilities caused by osteoporosis.  I read in a Johns Hopkins health-letter that yoga was used as a benefit for
osteoporosis and back problems. Lakshmi Devi teaches a back care and Therapeutic Chair Yoga class and is an excellent instructor.  I have "taken" yoga
before and she is the best teacher I have ever had.  She accommodates the positions to the restrictions and limitations of everyone in the class.  The
classes are friendly and welcoming.  My balance and flexibility have improved and she has worked with me, as she does with all her students, to improve
muscle strength and this gives me more confidence in movement.
-   Shirley C -
Kingwood twp, NJ

I have been studying yoga with Lakshmi for two and a half years now. Not only has my physical strength and flexibility improved, so have my mental
abilities, dealing with a siblings long fight with cancer. Lakshmi's knowledge, enthusiasm and talent surpass any yoga training I have taken in the past.
She names each position in both the native language and in English, and never fails to explain the benefits of each pose.  Her postures seem to flow
effortlessly into the next.  No matter how many people are in her class, her attention and diligence when it comes to proper form always makes you fell like
you are getting a private lesson.  Her upbeat and encouraging attitude always makes her classes a pleasure to attend, and I look forward to each one.
-   Jennifer  C -
Stockton, NJ

I would like to graciously comment on how much I enjoy Lakshmi Devi's classes.
She is a skilled teacher with an abundance of love for what she does.
She inspires me every time I take her class. Her radiance spreads throughout the room and I am floating my way out the door.
Om Shanti...
-  Carolyn G  -
Lebanon, NJ

"I take Lakshmi's Beginner yoga class... She is fabulous, easy to follow, strong on correcting postural alignment, exquisite in her explanations and even
covers us with blankets for the final rest & relaxation.  The class was full and everyone thanked her personally!"
-   Member   -
CP Sports Center, NYC

"I've taken numerous other yoga classes through the years.  I feel Lakshmi's knowledge and her art of teaching take it to a whole other level.  Her classes
are Superb... I felt included and attended to in every position, liked the pace and level of difficulty... Lakshmi generates a great spiritual space to be in"
-   Stefani G-
The Yoga Spot, NYC

"Lakshmi's Therapeutic yoga Classes are a thorough workout for anyone, especially for those with physical issues.
Lakshmi is a very generous and
caring... An inspiring teacher...The best "...
-  Ann R -
Chelsea... NY

"Lakshmi's yoga classes are amazing as well as being a great yoga instructor...  She is incredibly supportive and especially helpful to all of her students.  
She really is fabulous "...
- Vanessa  W-
Chelsea, NYC

"I find these classes so helpful Lakshmi is very careful in giving instruction, provides a very full & extensive class. She seems very knowledgeable about
Anatomy, Breathing exercises & Alignment. I am 6 months pregnant & my Lower Back Pain, Strength & Balance have improved significantly since I've been
practicing with Lakshmi.  I plan to continue taking classes after Pregnancy and beyond.  
Thank you! "...
-  Ariana Arpels-Josiah-
Tribeca, NYC
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