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Strengthen and relax your body, ease your mind and connect with your baby in a safe and supportive

Yoga during pregnancy helps build strength & develop balance and coordination; increases circulation,
while promoting relaxation bringing you a renewed vitality.

Practicing this ancient healing art improves peace of mind and an overall sense of harmony.  

Appropriate for those 13 wks and beyond.
Yoga classes suitable for
Pregnancy & Birth
Gentle but challenging Therapeutic flow of Hatha Yoga
Asana's. These structured sequences promote spinal
stability, strength and flexibility. Mindful breath work
and structural alignment ques aide in protecting
per-existing conditions.
Healthy Joint Range of Motion, Postural Alignment and
Balance is the focus.

Tuesday evenings Flow Sequence incorporates the
use of a chair
for support and ease of movement. While Thursday
morning Hatha Class incorporates blocks, straps,
blankets and Bolsters for more  Restorative postures.

Mula Bandha (Keigel) breathing techniques are
incorporated throughout...
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