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A horse feels every move we make when we are astride,
and reacts to every imbalance however subtle.

Yoga teaches us how to recognize this imbalance and correct it before we get on the

With body and breath awareness we can clearly see where our weight is shifting and
understand what our horse is feeling.

Poor posture...
Muscle imbalances...
General lack of fitness
Can affect your horse's way of going &
the soundness of his back.
By the rider being unfocused and unbalanced.

Not being able to use certain muscles properly will make cuing and controlling your horse
more difficult. Making riding less enjoyable and may lead to less time in the saddle.

These subtleties affect a horse's confidence and behavior....

What you will learn in Specialized Riders Course how easily these techniques can be
transferred to the saddle. Balance is the biggest key to riding. How can we expect our
horse to trust us to guide him if the rider finds it difficult to properly balance his/her own

If you only get out to ride occasionally or do major barn cleaning on weekends, staying fit
can help you avoid aches and pains from using muscles not accustomed to the job you
suddenly ask them to do.

Our 6 week Equestrian YOGA course is beneficial for horseback riders incorporating....
  • Specific yoga postures and sequences to develop proper posture, core strength
    flexibility and balance while on or off the horse..
  • Easy to follow breathing practices to become centered and relaxed while riding..

Practicing yoga helps to soften the “seat” which allows the horse's back to relax, creating
a softer contact point for the horse's dorsal muscles, ultimately making it more
comfortable for horse and rider helping to initiate the horse's movements with ease and

The program uses a chair to help achieve maximum benefit from the workout..

If you've had any injuries or health issues, please talk to your doctor first.
Supatha YOGA

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Equestrian YOGA.
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Personalized Equestrian Program.

 SESSION                                              TOPIC                               .
Week  1 - 90 min.                                                   - Consultation - Goal setting
Week  2
- 75 min.                                                   - Alignment and Breath Work
Week  3
- 75 min.                                                   - Asana Instruction
Week  4
- 75 min.                                                   - Sequencing & Flow
Week  5
- 75 min.                                              - Mind / Body Fusion
Week  6
- 75 min.                                              - Deep Relaxation Techniques.
The 'motion in stillness' of yoga  equals  the 'effortless control' of riding,
A balanced confident rider  creates  a balanced confident horse
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Supatha Yoga & Personal Fitness
Sri Lakshmi Devi